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Friday, April 5, 2019

Worcester Rap Veteran Jamal Black Talks About The City, The Music Scene & His Art

This past Wednesday I sat with the seasoned Worcester rap pioneer Jamal Black for a few questions and laughs at Electric Haze,

During the first episode of Worcester's first ever weekly independent wrestling show being held every Wednesday from 8-10 PM at the Electric Haze hookah lounge & streamed live on FiteTv,

"Beyond Wrestling - Uncharted Territory".

Before the interview commenced I got the chance to get a glimpse of Jamal Black's character, As a male wrestler & female wrestler were fighting eachother in the ring,

He yelled to the female:


And got a pop of laughter from the audience.


How do you feel about the current state of the city and it’s music scene?

Jamal Black:

I love it man. I feel like Joyner made this shit look attainable for a lot of people and has motivated people to make moves they weren't years ago.  People are putting in work putting out quality videos,  some being young af and completely independent. The shits dope man.  

As far as the city in general... nigga were at a wrestling event at Electric Haze... tf this shit is poppin lol Woo Sox coming soon too! Im excited to see the city continue to grow. 


Who are your top 5 favorite Worcester rappers of all time, And who are your current top 5 favorite? 

Jamal Black:

Awww man you can't do that shit to me lol Top 5 of all time!? There's too many. Shout out to my old camp,  OFGH, Dead End, Weeks what up bro! Uhhhh... Elijah Fkn Davidson is the only person who could make me WANT to listen to Christian music and that's crazy lol of course Ariez, my brother Larry Cheeba... Joyner... I used to hate on O n grew to love that nigga lol 
Too many to name bro... 

As far as doing their thing right now, Ralph Weah been putting out radio ready music for years. I fuck with that Gucci Slides joint by Kellz.... my dude Trizzy got some bangers coming,  Reap got some shit if he ever finds his way out of Juicy (Juicy Seafood). Backseat Trav is bar for bar one of the hardest in the city and he just floats under the radar. Honestly I wished people dropped MORE music.  I love listening to new music from the city but I don't hear enough of it. 


What’s your current daily playlist rotation looking like 👀

Jamal Black:

I actually listen to a lot of RnB lol
The new Boogie album is dope... I'm waiting on some new Cole, Bas last album was fire.  I think Swimming by Mac Miller was lowkey one of the best albums of last year. I listen to everything.  I like to give everything a chance lol you heard that Lil Nas X joint? Lmao fire


Fastball question.

Fuck one, marry one, kill one

Wendy Williams, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim

Jamal Black:

Jesus Christ lol... obviously im killing Wendy. I feel like if I married Mariah she'd leave my ass within a month and take half of the little I got lmao so ima marry Kim and beat the breaks off Ms Carey 😂😂


What are your current favorite releases you’ve recently put out and what are your current plans for the future?

Jamal Black:

If I had to pick 2 I would say Redo with Adub, and Mine w/ Tatiana. I just want to keep putting out quality music. People spend a lot of time overthinking their music and not enough actually creating. My dude Will Escargo told me once 'analysis equals paralysis' and that shit is true. I been putting out music consistently since and dont plan on stopping. Besides that I want to do more writing for singers.  That shit come easy to me. I wrote Mine for Tati to sing while driving to work... I just sent Jordan Richardson a hook, would love to write for him as well... my attempts at singing are songs like Smoke Alone or Girls from Jupiter. I actually tried to give Girls from Jupiter to Kev and he was like nigga release that shit! Lmao


It’s crazy to think you’re a Worcester rap vet now, 15 years and you’ve rocked w some of the best in the city. Joyner, Nine Millz, Backseat Trav, all of Grindhouse, J Royal, etc. 

Is it crazy to you to see how far making music has come here?

Jamal Black:

I hate the term Worcester rap vet... it's basically just saying, look how long I've been doing this shit and I still ain't shit lmao in my eyes I ain't no better than a lot of the newer artists in the area.  That's why i'm always quick to work with whoever if I respect their art. I remember recording on a fkn computer mic and editing shit in audacity lol now theres studios all over the city. It's a beautiful thing man I cant wait to see what's next for music in Worcester

(Jamal Black Ft. Adub - "ReDo")

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