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Saturday, September 7, 2019

As June Valentino’s Album Closes In On 100k Streams, We Interview Worcester’s Most Well Known Engineer: MixedByBam

In the wake of slain rapper June Valentino’s death, 
His album “Valentino Season” is closing in on a 6 digit streaming total 
which is unprecedented for artists that aren’t ‘industry backed’.

We interview his good friend & Worcesters most talked about engineer among the youth,

‘Mixed By Bam’ himself.


Did you expect this album to reach or come within arms reach of a 6 digit streaming total? That’s huge. Like nobody in Massachusetts or New England in general are getting that many streams on albums or anything aside from visuals (with the exception of Joyner of course)


I knew he was going to be great. So I definitely expected these numbers. How quick they came I know he would be dancing right now. But I honestly knew for a fact when I started sharing his cover and all the shares he was getting and love, that’s when I was “like this is going to touch real numbers”.  Even his visuals have over 10k each one is almost at 40k. I just wish he was here to see all his success


how many tracks did you have to mix after June’s death? 

(And if any)

Was the process difficult for you to complete?


I probably mixed 4 or 5 after his death. I touched up and remixed them all though, 
He has about 70 songs. Singles and features so there will be 2 more single tapes and a tape with features coming next year. 
It was hard hearing his voice and knowing I cant make new music with him.
I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for him


What was your favorite song of his you guys recorded together?

And what is your favorite memory you have in the studio with him?


My favorite was traffic.  
Just the way he changed his flows his lyrics, I was hyped when he recorded that.
I honestly think that was the best memory, We was both were excited jumping around. 
I told him this is going to get you heard bro "we need to push this track". 

Then he did JuneVybez that was another big hit. 
10k alone on the tape. 

But everytime I was with bro it was always a good time and memory,
if you really knew him, everytime you was with him would be a good time.


  1. Long Live the Young Legend ������ never met him just loved his music