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Friday, September 6, 2019

Worcester Legend ‘Homicide Prob’ Drops Controversial Video: Rapper Responds

Less than a month ago, Worcester punchline legend Homicide Prob formerly known as Prob Child of the iconic local group “The Fresh Cadets”,
Released the controversial visual to “What’s Beef”

(If you’re unfamiliar,
Visit the storied
5 Minutes Of Death
video from 2010)

A track filled with punchlines galore, Is not just a rap song but a deep jab at his enemies, That was recently featured on Worldstar Hip Hop and gained over half a million views.

(Video can be seen by following the link above)

In the video, Prob steps on the face of his deceased enemy & washes his car with a memorial T-shirt.

“Fuck you to my enemies, 
I stay with that energy,
Spinning on your n*****, lighting candles in your memory”

A subliminal response to Prob was posted by a rival rapper that was connected to & has made memorial music videos for the deceased mentioned in the video.

The rival rapper was immediately met with a screenshot from years prior, Admitting to writing a statement or “Snitching” after being arrested in the past.

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