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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Worcester Group “PiranhA-mob” Demonstrate How To Be Young & Remain Hip-Hop

PiranhA-mob members all in black (From left) Yung Dusty, Realize & Ease

Ease, Yung Dusty & Realize

PiranhA-mob consists of 3 members that consider each other brothers and say it every chance they can, They look new school, but sound the way modern hip-hop was intended to sound, Raw and with an old school twist.

What initially drew me to them was that you can tell they’re a legitimate group of friends with the chemistry of brothers & not just a rap group.

They don’t try to “drill” to fit in, They dont "gang gang" you until you're drooling in a bucket, They don’t spit BS pretend shooter stories or tell you about all the Henny they drink, & most importantly they’re not afraid to look fly & still be openly hardcore & anti ‘Mumble rap’.

As PMB's 'Realize' spit on the infamous Mobb Deep’s “Survival Of The Fittest”

Rhymin be my sentative, That mumble shit a negative 

Towards the end of the visual for "Survival", they have an actor dressed as a clown doing the ‘Milly Rock’ metaphorically representing today’s Hip-Hop artists, As PMB (PiranhA-mob) proceed to symbolically jump him

I’ll die before I turn on my brothers so n**** let’s get it, More love for them than for myself and I’ve done more than said it

Is what they each spit at the end of each of their verses on “Death Before Di$honor", They go back and forth as well on “Pain I Endure” which was the intro track to their project titled “Bloodline” which can both be found below.

PiranhA-Mob is legit, And you should pay attention.

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