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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Choppin’ It Up With Worcester Rapper/Singer TyShawn Dion

Stillshot Via: TyShawn Dion - “PPP” on YouTube 

Tyshawn Dion.

An amazing Worcester, MA rapper/singer that's amassed hundreds of thousands of views with his impeccable song structure, Ability to harmonize, Story telling rap ability & Top quality cinematic videography in his discography.

Highly deserving of substantial recognition,
So we decided it was time to reach out and get an interview with @DionGawdly himself

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First and foremost,
How've you been and what's new with you my brother?

My guy, Whats going on with you bro?
Lifes been beautiful, This quarantine has me in a very different creative space right now.

Trying to stay focused, Cranking out a lot of.. I wouldn't say "New" content but I'm polishing some things I'm getting ready to release once things start to subside a little bit.

Just finished my final video from the "Gone For The Summer" playlist, It'll be out soon man but life is beautiful right now bro

(Photography Via Adrian Nieves)

That's dope I love to hear it,
You've been one of my favorite artists in the city since I first heard "PPP".
In the near future are you gonna be in your RnB bag or are you rapping rapping again?

[And BTW idgaf if Jordan Richardson covered "PPP" beautifully or that I cant sing, Ill still kill that better than him]

I really appreciate that, It means a lot to me, I definitely think that I've done a lot to put my name in that conversation, I feel like my track record is gonna speak for itself, I've done music for a while but I really started taking it serious the last 2 years. So "PPP" did exactly what I felt it would do, And it means a lot to me.

And as far as what I've got coming moving forward, "PPP" was just an introduction & "Gone For The Summer" was just an introduction into what I can really do.

Everybody knows I can rap. From the challenges to the other various projects I've done, But as an artist I wanted to show I can do everything & I'll have a good variety going forward.

(Photography Via Adrian Nieves)

Is there anything specific on your current list of content coming out of New England right now?

Oh for sure, There’s alotta dope stuff coming out [of New England], Massachusetts specifically.

I feel like when it comes to this music thing. Whether it’s the RNB, Producing or rapping right now, We’ve got one of the hottest places in all of Hip-Hop and we get overlooked.

There are alotta people that I work with on my team or work with on a regular basis that are like my favorite artists right now, But they all gotta get through me first, It’s all about TyShawn Dion first ya dig 

(Photography Via Adrian Nieves)

Is there anything coming out of New England right now that you DONT like?

Of course man that's like anywhere though,
Everywhere in the country has really corny shit, People are just trying to capitalize off the current culture and Hip-Hop as a staple.

There are a lot of blogs and media outlets out here doing it too, For example in our city like Pulse Magazine or The Telegram, They're not really hip to what's going on they're just trying to capitalize off of the culture.

There's even a blog out in Boston that's like trying to put different parts of the state against each other and act like "Oh this part of the state only got this and these types of artists and everywhere else is ass". Its like if you not really doing your research & you're not really about this than don't speak on it.

(Photography Via Adrian Nieves)

Honestly man when you say that, I think of the ‘508 Is Where I’m From’ shit.
It’s so unbelievably corny and such a bad look.
Now nobody can ever say the number 508 ever again in music.
When you search “508” on Youtube it’s one of the first results now.
It’s officially dead and a joke. It’s cool for everyone to rap or make music but a lot of people don’t realize doing it as a hobby & marketing yourself as a legit artist in a pool of other legit artists are two very different things and make the other legit artists look bad to the general public when you’re trash sauce.

But what have you been doing on this ‘down’ time anyways?
You a Ps4 guy? Xbox guy?

This dude man, Nah I definitely feel that though, I feel like saying 508 anyways in a song is played out.
I feel like dudes gotta come up with a new identity, We still tryna find one, but I feel like there are layers of an identity here but its up to us to really stir that pot and put everything together.
And as for now, What I'm doing on my downtime bro? shit man catchin' up on TV shows, Goin' on Instagram live, Basically just hello to everyone in the world cause we all trapped in the crib basically.
Fine tuning what I wanna do with what's coming next as far as visuals, songs, Just tryna stay sharp and stay inspired. 
I don't really play video games haha I used to break my controllers and TV's all the time and shit when I'd get mad so I don't really play video games

(Stillshot Via: TyShawn Dion - “PPP”)

For sure I feel that.
[not really imma whole liar with an N64 next to my PS4 and two TV's]

What younger cats out here are you rocking with musically?

People off top I can think of, I listen to Jahir Lawrence, I think he's dope he's got a real good formula.
I like Duug Gambino a lot he's dope. Seven the singer, Ty B Chachi, These are people I just look at that's younger than me that I see as like the next generation.

But me and my team pay attention to everybody, If I really like somebody or their sound I'll usually hit them up and let them know that I really rock with them. But off top the younger crowd I'd have to go with them

(Album cover photography via Adrian Nieves)

For sure & that's facts man Jahir is dope he just needs a legitimate management team & he could do some legitimately dope shit.

What inspired you to even become an artist?

To be honest bro I just come from a musical family, My mom can sing.
When I was a little boy I was in the choir down in South Carolina when I was like 4 and I just always loved rapping bro.

And I remember I would just be watching music videos & Lil Bow Wow came on and I was like whaaat? He's a kid he could do that? And I always wanted to be the first kid signed to G-Unit for some reason. Like I loved 50 Cent. So I started writing my own raps when I was like 7, I wanted to be a rapper since I was a little kid man my dad used to play Jay Z and one of the first songs I ever remembered was a Jay Z song.

(Photography via Adrian Nieves)

Ight and for our final one, We always like to get deep [pause].

Who is TyShawn Dion?

An artist, actor, song-writer, rapper, businessman, you name it.
I have very big plans, Its important that people understand I'm not here for fun or fame, I'm here because I love this and its my passion.

I make music because I need to create to express myself, and when its all said and done, Fuck the state, Fuck the city, Fuck the region, I'm gonna be known as one of the biggest artists that we've seen here period. I'm not here for friendships, He said/She said, The validation, I'm here for everything I know I was destined to have.

I'm a hothead, I'm funny, Charismatic, Sympathetic, Empathic, I wanna see people shine,
I'm structured and calculated, and I don't care about a local list right now.
I just want people to know for every emotion you feel I'll have an answer for it.

What I'm doing will be analyzed and spoken about, And if you want a sneak peak go listen to the "Gone For The Summer" playlist, Everywhere good music resides you can find me as TyShawn Dion.

Follow me on Instagram @DionGawdly and get ready for the ride.

(Photography Via Adrian Nieves)

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