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Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Original Face Of Worcester Battle Rap: Chracks Royalty

In a time of peril with all this coronavirus madness,

I got to chop it up with my big brother & The first ever face of Worcester’s battle rap scene,

And the newly nominated Pulse Magazine “Hip Hop Artist Of The Year” at the Worcester Music Awards,

Chracks motherfucking Royalty.

First question is one we all been wanting to ask,

Are you ever gonna battle again?


When I asked him to go further into why he said no, He ignored me in classic Chracks fashion and went to the next question.

Who influenced you to ever begin battling in the first place?

I got into it because of dudes like Cortez & Math, That era was fucking wild. 

Like when the Youtube game really started picking up and Smack went from the DVDs I used to steal from the OGs or buy at like the bodega if they had any left. But like yeah Cortez was my main reason to wanna battle rap.

How did it feel when MBA first started and battle rap first came to Worcester officially to be the first 'main event' face?

& Also, who's your favorite opponent you ever had?

I mean at the end of the day, I never felt like that. I never looked at myself as "head contender" I looked at it more like "Daddies home. Big dick shwangin. Fuck your fort" You know what I mean?

and as far as favorite opponent? Shit. Uhh fuck. I got a couple. Cause I really liked Mikes, His was mad funny, Live Mic when I battled him. His pen game has always been fawking obnoxious. 

And another one I liked, Well I didn't like his parts but I liked my parts, When I battled Young Vert just cause I was fucking eating him. My Last Dragon bars was amazing. But Live Mic is my only opponent I can say I enjoyed battling and I respected as an opponent for who he is. But alotta that is credited to Creasy pushing me ya know. Alotta people became followers of mine and still ask me for battles to this day because of that.

Who are your favorite battle rappers in the game right now top tier? and who are your favorites in Mass?

As far as Mass battle rap is concerned I mean you got your famous pens like I'm always proud of Mr Boss Town himself.
Live Mic has always been consistent and of course Bless Da Menace. 

Alot of people shit on and dont pay attention to Matt. MC Motion. Hes been so consistent he's probably battled on every MBA card, He's probably been on every league. Same thing with Bless and Live Mic. 

At the end of the day my decision will always be biased because I dont give a fuck about any of these leagues

How do you feel about the younger rappers coming up in the city?

And how do you feel about that Pulse Magazine nomination?

Newcomers? I wont act like I'm not on my biased shit. D Gunna. Lil Diggy been doing his fucking thing. He's so impressive.
Twisty. he absolutely fire too. But theres alotta dope young rappers that are locked up right now too, Shit Lil Boogz doing his thing. It's so dope to see the youngins do they thing. And anything Bam has his hands on I listen to at least once as far as the new guys go.

And as far as that being nominated thing, I still think it's a fucking joke and I'd love to know who put my name in that.

Again no offense I dont know who any of those other artists are & I'm not gonna pretend I do. I'm happy they was even put on that platform at such a young age and/or phase in their careers. 'Cuz you know I'm no hater but I still think someones just fucking with me and they know that I get the joke so I'm laughing too. But idk I feel like they drew a name out the hat or somebody knew somebody who knew me.

Aside from being a battle rapper from Main South Worcester, MA

Who is Chracks Royalty?

To describe myself as a person? Shit nobody know me as well as you 'cuz.  
To everyone reading this, I'm better than you. Signed, Threezus Christ.

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