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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Veteran Worcester Rapper Nine Millz Speaks On His 15+ Year Journey

Christopher Glidden, 

Otherwise known as “Nine Millz”,

 has been on Worcesters rap scene for closer to the span of 2 decades, Having shared stages with the likes of Joyner Lucas, Ariez Onasis & generations of MCs that have came and went in the cities long Hip-Hop history.

We chopped it up with him and asked him a few questions, For the CULTure.

What’s good Millz,

This site IS about MA Hip-Hop, Mainly Worcester.

So I gotta ask,

Who are your all time favorite artists from the city & who are your current younger favorites if any?

Favorite all time rappers would be: Baige O’ Bannon, Ariez Onasis, Larry Cheeba, Manny Macgyver, Joyner Lucas, Leo Nellz, Louie Gonz, Rezno, Leon Legacy, Backseat Trav, Killa T, Jusslu and I know I’m missing some but those are the greats to me.

Current younger favorites: I really like Ralph Weah, Kellz Da Cheefa, Willz Au, Tyshawn Dion, Jordan Richardson, I think Danson is dope!, Aly K is fucking awesome! I don’t know their ages but Abbie Cotto and Kevin Gonzalez are both FIRE 🔥 but again I know I’m forgetting some, But there are alotta dope young cats and just talented people in general out here.

Out of your dozens of mixtapes/albums which release is your favorite?

That’s like asking me which one of my girlfriends was my favorite? The one I’m working on now #Legend

I’m joking but if I had to pick one it would be a toss up between N.I.N.E Vol.1 (My most lyrical) and D.N.A Vol.1 (My most organic and real).

What props or ‘nods of approval’ have you gotten that meant the most to you?

Hmm props or nods... Well this one for starts! Thank you guys so much, and even though Pulse Magazine doesn’t know shit about Worcester Hip-Hop, I enjoyed being nominated multiple times (For Hip-Hop artist of the year at the Worcester Music Awards).
A childhood favorite group of my mine, ‘TWIZTID’ was meeting with a group I was in (Uncommon Wealth) which was pretty cool, Our “N 2gether Now” remix got love from Fred Durst on Twitter which was dope.

I think the props and nods of approval that meant and will always mean the most to me is from my brother Osious The Don. God rest is his soul, Had he not given me confidence with his very first nod of approval in 9th grade at South High, I promise there would be no Nine Millz to do a write up on. RIP JUNIOR BELTRE I LOVE YOU BRO

For those who’ve never heard of you,

Who is Nine Millz?

Nine Millz is kid who grew up in Worcester Mass, In the Upland Garden housing units, Where I would fall in love with Hip-Hop and make it my sole intention to dedicate my entire existence to  making solid contributions to the art form I love,
AND god willing I get to make a living and get the respect and love of my peers from it.
Regardless of where I end up I have an extensive body of work that I’m proud of and will live on with my name forever. ❤️🙏🏼

Writers choice:

Suicide - J.Black & Nine Millz by O.F.G.H (OffIcial Page)

track 14 - "Suicide" - J.Black ft. Nine Millz

IDGAF ft Nine Millz by JamalBlack

If youve ever gone thru some shit and just realized, FUCK EVERYBODY i needa focus on me, this songs for you. Make yo money booboo lol IDGAF ft Nine Millz

Nine Millz - "CUNT TROLL" ft Rezno by millimac

Track 6 FEaturing Rezno This was Strictly Sportsmanship Diss To a coupple local rappers that wanted to test my Pen ... But for the record i Got love for Pauli Rot10 Killa T and Especially My brother Leon Legacy

Nine Millz - "ISIS" (Freestyle) by millimac

Nine Millz - "Isis" (Freestyle) Make sure you go itunes spotify tidal ect to get the official Joyner Lucas "Isis" (ft Logic) Single of Jonyer's Up Coming PRoject ADHD

Nine Millz - "R.I.P OSIOUS " (Freestyle) (Diplomatic Immunity RMX) by millimac

Nine Millz - "R.I.P OSIOUS " (Freestyle) (Diplomatic Immunity RMX)


  1. This is the 9 Milli Meter Mel he's copping my style ...been sending me material for months under a different name...let's be real ....and it isn't all that great! Call it like I see it hate on Cody...aka nine millz

  2. Oh and I've got 5+ more years on ya copped out wanna be gangster. But, it's all good...cause you'll never get swagged out Milli style.