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Friday, March 6, 2020

Yadda Meech Talks About Music/Life & Releases New Single "Pain"

(Still shot via “Summer Story”)

Yadda Meech gave WorcesterBumps.com the permission to exclusively drop his new single “Pain” which can be heard below,

But we had the chance to chop it up with him and ask him a few questions after we discussed the track.

What have you been up to & where have you been?

I been just tryna get everything together bro, A year prior to me dropping that “Dont Run” remix I was locked up for a year, I came home dropped that don’t run remix and took like another year break, Since then I been working on a new project, Tryna get this tape together, The projects called “Gifted”, I haven’t figured a date yet, But it is coming this summer for sure!

Should we expect any features on “Gifted” or is it mostly solo?

A couple feats For sure! I got my boy Juan on there he just started doing his thing, Vicious with the vocals, He from Worcester too, And I got a special special feature from a NY artist! But that’s low key, and a couple more dudes from the city I don’t wanna give to much away feel me

And of course we gotta know, 
What’s in Yadda Meech’s daily playlist?

A lot of Meek Mill thats my guy right there, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Cal Boy, And 100% Pop Smoke you know that, RIP to him!
Really everything that’s lit right now. A-Boogie, Moneybagg, Gotti, All that shit.

Listen to the WorcesterBumps.com exclusive, 
Newly released “Pain” by Yadda Meech below:

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