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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shooterz Muzik: Boston’s Most Infamous Label - From Murder Charges To Viral Views

Shooterz Muzik has influenced the streets of Boston like no other label in history, We chopped it up with Chilla of Shooterz Muzik and he gave us a brief timeline of tragedy and success for those unfamiliar with the famed group.

We hit the ground running January 2015 dropping tapes, videos, music that quickly set the streets of Boston on fire. We were making great music with a quality & consistency that Boston wasn’t used to yet.



 But at the same time we were in the streets heavily, I know better so even then I used to urge our artists to stay away from the rap beef or rapping bout the streets for real and just make great music. That didn’t last too long. As WhyJizzle dropped the song that we believe really influenced Boston streets to become what they are today. Boston’s first viral drill song ‘WhyJizzle - Caught Em Lacking’ on SoundCloud. This was 2014-2015 by the way. Before the wave with everyone posting guns on social media/videos etc. WhyJ pioneered that shit out here the streets will tell you, Friend or foe, WhyJ one of the most respected in the city, That record gained us a lot of attention. Positive and negative. 2015 was a crazy year especially the summer.

WhyJ and another one of our Artists Dracosama got arrested at the end of September and charged with a shooting. Myself and JayJay Montega got arrested mid October and charged with murder. WhyJ was also charged with that same murder. So he was behind bars fighting 2 serious cases   

2015 The week of thanksgiving, A month after me and JayJay Montega get locked. We all on the unit watching the news and we see a news report about a shootout that resulted in a murder and how they arrested and charged 8 Zipp

The day after that he hits our unit. And that’s when it hit us that the 5 most important assets to the label were behind bars looking at 10-20 if we were lucky

That’s when we started putting our plan together that IF & WHEN we beat these cases we gon take this Shooterz shit global. 100% serious 

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