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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Interview: After Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr Undercard Show Stealer, Irvin Gonzalez Shares His Experience

Worcester native Irvin Gonzalez put on an 8 round classic on the Mike Tyson/RJJ undercard against Edward Vasquez that had the commentary team of Sugar Ray Leonard & Mauro Ranello calling it "fight of the night", Which resulted in a largely contested win by decision for Vasquez.

We spoke with Irvin Gonzalez about the entire experience:

How did it feel to be on a card with so much hype and so many superstars, And to be watched by the entire world?

To be in a ring with legends, I was honored just to even be watched by Sugar Ray Leonard & all the other legends it felt great.
I saw Roy Jones & Mike Tyson after my fight and they gave me nothing but props. They told me i'm gonna be great one day, And i'm gonna live with that moment forever. Those dudes were idols to me growing up, they still are idols to me.
Especially Roy Jones, I grew up watching his highlights and videos, And listening to his music, Just to be in that ring and perform in front of the world felt great, I wish it could've been a better outcome but God has his plan.

In a situation like this one, Where the fight itself is so classic it seems to overshadow the winner/loser, And the national exposure is overwhelming, Does this loss even feel like a blemish on your record?

You can look at it both ways, Its a win and a loss.
All the views I had worldwide, People know me, People messaging me saying that I won the fight, Honestly its an L on my record, Its a loss I didnt want to take and shouldn't have took.
I watched the fight over again , I thought I pulled it off or it'd have been a draw,
I give him all the credit in the world but I need to win, I need to win, to make the impact I wanna make in this sport. To put food on my families table.
I do want a rematch with this kid. I had him knocked out in the first round and I didn't capitalize on it. His legs stiffened up and I could've took him out. That was my mistake.
In a rematch that dudes not going 8 rounds with me. I'm putting him out, and if he does go 8 rounds it'll be very one sided in my favor.
There's a lot behind it, And like I said I give him all the credit in the world, But I want my rematch. I'll make him take that rematch. I'll force him to take that rematch. So I can show the world that kid did not beat me.

You definitely made an impact on the sport already and your opinion on your loss was very widespread in the city & Twitter, Who do you want to fight in the future?

Like I said I obviously want my rematch with Edward, I'll take him next or whenever he's ready, But I want everybody in the featherweight division. Everybody's gonna fear me. World champions and all. 

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