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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Interview: Twisty Talks About Music, Currently Facing 8-10 Years & June Valentino


For those who dont know about you,

You’re well known for being the current most viewed voice of the cities first and most infamous gang (Kilby)

How hard is it to balance music with the cases that come with the street? 

Is (your music) ever used against you? 

And would you explain to your followers and our readers in detail what your current cases are?

Truthfully bro, this shit is hard as fuck because i'm tryna stay consistent with this music shit to keep the buzz going, But catching these cases like, I just did 15 months in the county & my case is still pending.
 I cant even leave the state. Which makes it hard because I got alotta things to do outta state. I cant step out and work with so & so, I cant do none of that shit. So i'm tryna take advantage while i'm in the city and stuck in Mass. I'm tryna work with everyone on their shit and hit every city & town in Mass you feel me. Take advantage of what I got around me

And the current cases im fighting right now is a shooting case, Firearm charge, Right now they offering me 8-10 (years) you feel me, I'm just looking for a 3-5 or some shit like that. 
I'm praying to God this case gets cancelled you feel me coronavirus an all that shit

June Valentino mentioned you a lot in his music,

Specifically on “June Vybez” where he said:

 “Twisty doin’ time, Free the guy know how we give it up”

How did his death impact you personally?

No bullshit bro, Tafar passing away was just heartbreaking for me cause 3 days before he passed away I was literally just speaking highly of him to my celly.
I was hipping him to my label KND (Kids Next Door), i'm telling him about all the talent in my city, Tony Huncho, Q3, Lil Boogz. All the young talent.
2 or 3 days passed and I got out the box, The day I get out the box i'm in my cell, Thats when I got the news. My mans gave me rec at the door after he got off the phone.
It made me sick to my stomach you feel me, I couldn't believe it. My girl was telling me he was sending me kites and during my bid my mail was getting fucked with & tampered with, So I dont know if the mail ever came through. It took me mad long to digest that shit I didnt wanna believe it.
What hurt me the most was that he wasnt involved. Everybody knows who's involved and doing this & that, He was really talented, He never even knew I was one of his biggest fans. I wanted to work with him so much. 
2 days before I got booked we scheduled a studio session, Those were the last times I ever talked to him and it was all love. He had just came outta juvie giving me mad props on the videos an shit just building together.

Are you surprised with the reception your music has gotten so far in comparison to when you started?

I mean you're seeing 20k-50k views a video independently thats gotta be dope

Im not gonna lie to you I was odee surprised to know my music was even having an affect on people.
Shit made me feel good knowing they listening to my music in spots I never been to before, I was surprised people out the city fucked with my music. Im tryna build on that & keep expanding my brand 

Speaking of your brand, KND (Kids Next Door) thats inspired by the TV show right? 

The name KND, and you got the Kids Next Door concept art with the dreadhead that looks like KND's version of you on the hoodies which is dope.

Was that the only inspiration behind the name?

And what songs of your own would you put in your "all time best" category?

It all came about from me writing a track I started it off with "T.W.I.S.T.Y Twisty i'm that Kid Next Door" It turned into something bigger from there. I dont know if its from jail but I just started picking it apart like, Theres mad talent in my city & in mass and nobody notices that shit its like you just that kid next door.

For all time favorites? Nigga I probably say Demons, Winter Times (SoundCloud exclusive) & Problem Child Part 1 is one of my favorite tracks I've ever done. Back in the day type shit.
Obviously there's way more classic shit but I'll let the people decide the classics feel me. picks:

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  1. He’s top 5 in the city fo sure can’t wait for that knd tape and just more music in general