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Friday, February 26, 2021

Spotlight Artist Of The Week: DT Ivo


   Best Believe everybody in Massachusetts especially in the Worcester area know who DT Ivo is. A very versatile artist with heavy delivery, flow and punchlines. 

   Many say he possesses the style of some Brooklyn Drill Artists, like Sheff G, Sleepy Hollow, Eli Floss and made those styles his own and mastered his sound. Also started a locally well know group called DT(Dream Team).

I started rapping I’d say about a year and a half to 2 years ago. I honestly didn’t even think I’d be making music I was a huge basketball it used to be my favorite and only thing to do, and eventually Tafar ( rip ) started making his own music like consistently I was tuned in he was making bangers. I wish he didn’t delete those old gems off SoundCloud, but yea I was rocking with it then eventually a couple of my other friends showed me they could rap, and a lil after dat I had moved to Georgia i ain’t really have that good of an experience but it was cool lmao Tafar, Smokko, and Melo would always call me randomly check up on me great friends. 

    I started writing on my own out there my vocab wasn’t really the best but I kept writing and writing and writing and never brought anything to a studio. So fast forward about a year I met James ( 88 bigzby) s/o to dat man fr he let me record a track without charging me when he didn’t have to so we banged dat and I sent it to my bro’s they rocking with it and ofc I had to send that to Tafar and he pushed me even to drop it I was mad nervous but Tafar kinda like let Facebook know and everyone wanted to hear it so I dropped it and it kinda took off in Worcester. I was getting a whole bunch of love I wasn’t expecting to get so then I started dropping for fun ya know maybe for a lil buzz feel me lmao. 

   I’m doing my thing and eventually tragically Tafar had passed away, it broke me completely but I decided to take it serious for him and he’s what’s keeping me going everyday just trying to get better each and everyday different flows sounds beats just trying to be successful. I got maybe like 20 songs out just about ( dt Ivo on all platforms) most of it is on my SoundCloud though. 

   I been working on album like crazy too switching out so many songs trying to make sure it’s perfect, and I will be dropping a video along side my album for one of the songs on the album there’s going to be 19 songs on it so yea i’m just working to be great for myself and everybody around me s/o bam, june my guys and the few others who made sure I wouldn’t and won’t stop they know who they are s/o to Worcester bumps for what they’re doing as well it’s great for our community and s/o every piece of talent we got in this city we partially on the map let’s put a stamp on it”

  He’s on the come up, stay tuned for more of his music including his upcoming project: “Lurking Down That One Way” coming soon 


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