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Monday, March 8, 2021

Spotlight Artist Of The Week: BÆNARD


    There’s not a lot of dark trap/emo artist in the city or in Massachusetts. Pouring pain and heartbreak on to one track which captures the emotion of the listener, that perfectly describes the type of artist BÆNARD is. He makes the type of music that’ll either make you turn it up or go deep in your bag thinking about your ex’s and past relationships, and most of the time it’s 2nd option. With the help of his colleagues and long time friends D.T Brown and N8TO, and many more in New Age Genesis(NAG), he’s learned how to master his own sound and can mix and master his own music. 

 “ Baenard started as a nickname some of my exs gave me but then it turned into who i am. when i first started making music i was coming out as Bnard but then i thought to myself and said “yeo Bænard is actually fire asf” and that’s where it came from. The first time i ever went to the studio my boy D.T Brown brought my and our Gomes to the studio and we made a track off rip. To this day i’ll forever say it was the last thing i ever thought i’d be doing that summer and since then i’ve had D.T behind my back supporting me all the way until i became apart of NAG and i was under the wings of N8TO & D.T and they created a monster” ✨

He’s here tune into his SoundCloud where he just dropped his emotional solo track “Down”. There’s  more heartbreak music coming soon from the artist you’ll just have to stick around.


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